About Rolf Djernaes

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

The specs

Age: 35
Living in: Aarhus, Denmark – work globally.
Years of experience: 10+

I am a consultant and marketer with more than 10 years of experience, who enjoys working with ambitious people.

I help companies increase brand awareness and grow fast through digital marketing. I advise on strategy and tactics, and have the technical skills and experience necessary to execute the practical implementation.

The toolbox
  • Analytics, Tracking, Tag management and Attribution modelling.
  • Google Ads setup and optimization
  • Facebook Ads setup and optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization, onpage and technical.
  • Remarketing and customer journey management
  • Youtube Ads
  • E-mail funnels and permission
  • Growth hacking tools
  • Real time bidding / programmatic
  • Automation
The work

Companies typically hire me for the following tasks:

  • Advisory; Strategy, tactics and planning.
  • Interim marketing leadership
  • Evaluating agency work
  • Marketing sprints
  • Automation
  • Process and framework development

Whether you’re looking to develop strategy that you can execute internally, need someone to move your company from 0 to 100 in a short effective marketing sprint or am looking for someone to fill an interim role, I am always happy to discuss whether or not I am a good fit for the task.

The approach

Every company is different, because people are different. This means that almost every project is approached at different angles and adapted to suit your specific challenges. However, there are a few commonalities in terms of what we must go through in order to find out if we’re a match. The process is simple and follows these steps:

  1. Online meeting. I get to know you/the team, what you’re trying to solve and together we figure out if I am a good fit for the task.
  2. If we both feel good about moving forward, we discuss how to collaborate and next steps.
  3. Oftentimes, I will need access to a few platforms and systems.
  4. I present you with a suggestion on how we can work together.
  5. We get to work!


Curious about working together?

Feel free to reach out!

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